Going Through a Tax Dispute With the IRS?

Going Through a Tax Dispute With the IRS?

Consider tax mediation services in Fall River & Somerset, MA

If you've been audited and found to owe back taxes, you could face hefty fines and an expensive litigation process. But there's an alternative solution. Mass Taxes provides tax mediation services in Fall River, MA and can help you avoid a long, stressful battle in court.

We bring 33 years of IRS employment as a field officer and manager to our practice.

With tax mediation, you can work with the IRS to come to a mutual agreement outside of the courtroom. Our mediator will work with both parties to resolve outstanding issues with your taxes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Schedule mediation services by contacting us today at 508-567-6601.

How mediation can help

There are many reasons to use mediation to resolve your tax dispute. Consider that...

  • We can help you reach a tax settlement for less than the total amount owed
  • You'll save money without having to deal with expensive court-related fees
  • Mediation can help resolve your situation quickly so you can move forward with your life

Work toward an agreeable tax settlement by hiring our mediator today.